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i want my children to grow up barefoot running through the woods. I want them to know the feeling of the trees growing around them, to recognize the gurgle of a stream before they see it, to know the taste of a blackberry from a bush long before the taste of a chip. I want my children to experience the earth we came from through touch, not pictures, and video games. And I want to be right there with them through all of it.


My mom just texted me this. You know, yeah, maybe you can’t save everyone, but you can try. I think my mom forgets that she almost lost me to suicide. She wasn’t there for me, she didn’t save me, it was other people who did. If I didn’t have someone show me that I was worth it, I wouldn’t have come out of what I was dealing with. I don’t want anyone to have the attitude when it comes to suicide that you shouldn’t try to help someone because they’ll do it anyway, it’s not true. When no one reaches out to them, they won’t feel worth it. And that’s what will push them over the edge. Do me a favor, and show people you care about them. Check up on people. If you know someone deals with depression, talk to them. Make people realize that someone gives a shit about them. Because they won’t be likely to reach out to you first, no matter how much they want to. Don’t leave people to suffer with their problems. I’d rather be the person who tried to help someone in need than the person who turned their head and let them suffer alone.

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